Shore Series Caravan Cover 22'-24'

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Shore Series Caravan Cover 22'-24' - $220

Dimensions7.40L x 2.30W x 2.20H (suits Caravan roof length 6.70L / overall length 7.30L)

The Shore Series Caravan Cover is a heavy duty Caravan cover made of genuine 4 ply non-woven polypropylene which is supremely waterproof and very durable.

Spanning the entire roofing area of the caravan, the slick outer layer enables dirt and debris to simply slide off the cover whilst providing full UV protection. It is constructed using Heavy Duty 4-Layer Non-Woven Polypropylene which provides solid protection and is long lasting.

Check out all the great benefits and features of this solid Caravan cover:

  • Water Resistant, UV stable - The material is breathable which prevents mould and mildew, and is also water resistant and UV stable for maximum protection against harsh Australian conditions;
  • Elasticated Hem - This feature is always very important when looking for a quality Caravan cover. It makes fitting your cover so simple at both front and back, and also assists when custom fitting;
  • Straps and buckles - Extra strong nylon straps and buckles are available to secure your Caravan cover no matter what the weather conditions;
  • Zip Openings - Great for easy access to your van when it is in storage;
  • Tough Interlocking Seams - Prevents the seams pulling apart over time and provides extra strength to the cover;
  • Free Storage Bag - Allows you to store your cover neatly when not in use;
  • 12 Month Warranty -  For peace of mind when you make you purchase.

We feel the best feature of this cover is the Water Resistant, UV stable material designed to be 100% breathable. This prevents moisture buildup which can result in mould and mildew in covers of lesser quality.

If you are on a budget we feel the Shore Series Caravan Cover offers excellent value as it has many features that some of the more expensive covers offer.

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