Samson Heavy Duty Caravan Cover 18'-20'



Samson Heavy Duty Caravan Cover 18'-20' - $289.95

Dimensions: 6.25L x 2.40W x 2.18H

This cover will pay for itself in no time by protecting your investment and maximising your Caravan's resale value.

The outer super-reflective coating is designed to protect your Caravan from the harsh Australian elements, keeping your caravan looking like the day you bought it!

Don't be mistaken into purchasing cheaper, inferior covers which will disintegrate in the hot Australian climate soon after you install them.

The Samson Heavy Duty Caravan covers are manufactured specifically to endure the harsh Australian sun and withstand the heavy rainfalls in some of our nation's regions.

These Caravan covers not only offer the highest protection, but also offer the greatest array of features, making the covers as customisable as possible to the various dimensions and designs of our nation's Caravan designs.

No other cover on the Australian market compares - from front and rear tension panels, to the 30cm adjustable height straps, all the way to the triple zipper enhanced access feature.

All this in conjunction with a non-woven, triple layer polypropylene, providing a waterproof and breathable environment for your 'home away from home'.

All our items are in stock ready for quick dispatch by Australia-Post Registered delivery.


- Triple Zip System for Easier Access
- Heavy Duty Non-Woven Polypropylene
- Shade of material may vary subject to production run
- Front & Rear Tension Panels for Enhanced Fit
- Velcro Style Hook & Loop System on the inside & outside
- Adjustable Height System
- Waterproof & UV Treated
- Windproof & Acid Rain Protection
- Elasticized Hem for Customised Fit
- Underbody Mounting Straps & Clips- Carry/Storage Bag

- 12 month Vendor Warranty

1 x Caravan cover
1 x Carry / storage bag

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