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BGD Premium Caravan Cover

We consider the BGD Series II Caravan Covers to be one of the best covers on the Australian market, and we are highly recommending them to you.

Your caravan will benefit from protecting it with a BGD Caravan Cover. The weather conditions such as hot sun UV, torrential rain and even snow vary greatly in different regions of Australia, but all these harsh conditions can damage an unprotected caravan.

Here are the fantastic benefits and features of a BGD Series II Caravan Cover;

  • Water Resistant- Prevents rust and water damage
  • Breathable- This prevents Rot, Mold & Mildew from setting into the caravan cover and increases the longevity of the caravan cover
  • Strong Elasticated Hems- This feature is great, makes fitting you cover a breeze particularly if your caravan is an unusual shape and assists with custom fitting.
  • Polycanvas Cover- Resists Rot & Mildew, is also extremely strong, durable and long lasting and is widely considered the best material for caravan covers.
  • Double Stitched Seams- This feature is one of the main keys to BGD’s long lasting caravan covers, double stitched seams are not included in most other competitors caravan covers which sets these fantastic covers ahead of the rest.
  • Strong Nylon Straps & Buckles- Being nylon makes them very strong, waterproof and long lasting, able to handle whatever conditions are throw at it.
  • 3 Zipper Openings- This is one of my favorite features as you don't need to take the whole cover off every time you want access the the caravan, just unzip the section you want eg, the door of the van and you're good to go.
  • Silver Coated- This provides extra strength and effectively reflects the powerful UV rays in the Australian sun.
  • Soft Cotton Lining- Another great benefit of BGD caravan covers is they use quality touches like a unique cotton lining, soft and non abrasive this prevents any scratches or damage to the van, The cotton lining also makes these caravan covers stronger, that tends make them last longer than regular caravan covers.
  • 24 Month Manufacturers Warranty- Great for peace of mind when making your purchase.

Many of these features are not available from most other caravan cover brands as a cost saving measure but as you well know you get what you pay for. We want to offer you only the very best caravan covers possible and with this extremely high quality BGD Series II Caravan Cover will keep your caravan looking it’s very best.

Free Gift- With every purchase with us we give you our 101 caravanning recipes ebook as a thank you for choosing Caravan Cover Direct.

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  • Silver Coated
  • Soft Plush Cotton
  • Non-Scratch Lining
  • Water Resistant
  • Breathable
  • Strong Elasticated Hems
  • Polycanvas Resists Rot & Mildew
  • Double Stitched Seams
  • Strong Nylon Straps & Buckles
  • 3 Zipper Openings

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