Kaiser Pop Top Cover 16'-18'

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Kaiser Pop Top Cover 16'-18' - $300

Dimensions: 5.40L x 2.60W x 1.75H

This Kaiser 300D Oxford Polyester Pop Top Cover (formerly 'Riese') has been designed and manufactured to protect your valuable investment from Australia’s harsh climatic conditions. It covers the entire van offering maximum defence from the elements with added UV protection.

This cover is coated twice with polyurethane on the bottom or downside to insure maximum water resistant. It is also breathable so moisture can escape helping to eliminate mold and mildew. Other great features include an elastic hem with reinforced base, 3 zippers on the door side and nylon securing straps.

Also, the whole cover is made of only one material i.e. 300D Oxford Polyester Fabric. Beware of sellers claiming their cover is made of Oxford Polyester material BUT is actually polypropylene or some using thinner material for the side panels to save cost.

This cover comes with 12 month Warranty. The warranty does not cover normal wear, weather soiling, stains from environmental pollution and/or standing water, cuts from sharp objects, neglect, accident or misuse.

It is important to understand that each cover has a limited lifespan which depends on the type of fabric used.

Most covers sold online are made of Polypropylene however this environmental friendly material is liable to chain degradation from exposure to heat and UV radiation such as that present in sunlight. Therefore UV-absorbing additives must be used. However, it will only prolong the lifespan up to a certain limit.

The estimated lifespan of a 4 layer non-woven polypropylene cover is about 6 months in Australia. Don't be fooled by sellers who "over estimate" the lifespan of their covers and offer unrealistic longer period warranty. Make sure "UV damage" is covered by their warranty as this is a common issue with Polypropylene covers.

If you need a cover that lasts longer, this 300D Oxford Polyester cover is definitely a better choice.

This cover will guard against:

    • Rain oxidisation
    • Sun Fade
    • Airborne Grit
    • Bird Droppings
    • Tree sap stains
    • Smog damage

    The Kaiser Pop Top Cover is definitely a great choice for those who are seeking quality on a budget, which is why we are happy to recommend this fantastic cover.

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