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Riese Caravan Cover

This great value Riese prestige series caravan cover is made from marine grade 300D/ 300 denier polyester oxford fabric which has been designed and manufactured to protect your valuable investment from Australia’s harsh climatic conditions.

 Riese prestige series caravan comes with many unique benefits and they are as follows;

  • 300D Oxford Polyester Fabric- the whole cover is made of only one material, 300D Oxford Polyester, which is high grade marine fabric that is extremely durable, strong and long lasting. Beware of sellers claiming their cover is made of Oxford Polyester material BUT is actually polypropylene or using some thinner material for the side panels.
  • Waterproof, UV stable- Fantastic breathable material for maximum protection, also assists in the prevention of mold and mildew.
  • 3 zip openings- This allows easy access when your caravan is not in use and is one of my favorite features as you don't need to take the whole cover off every time you want access the the caravan, just unzip the section you want eg the door of the van and you're good to go.
  • Elasticated Hem- This feature is great, makes fitting you cover a breeze particularly if your caravan is an odd shape.
  • Straps and buckles- Being nylon makes them very strong, waterproof and long lasting
  • Tough interlocking seams- This feature is one of the reasons we can offer our great warranty, the interlocking seams make the caravan covers very durable and handle harsh conditions well.
  • Free Storage Bag- Great for easy storage when your on the road.
  • 1 year Warranty- Solid 1 year warranty for peace of mind when purchasing.

If you need a cover that's going to last longer than the common stock standard "auto shop" caravan cover, which only uses quality 300d/ 300 denier polyester oxford fabric. This Riese prestige series caravan cover is definitely a great value choice if you're on a budget, that's why we are happy to stock and recommend this fantastic cover .

Free Gift- With every purchase with us we give you our 101 caravanning recipes ebook as a thank you for choosing Caravan Cover Direct.

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This waterproof caravan cover will guard against:

  • Rain oxidisation
  • Sun Fade
  • Airborne Grit
  • Bird Droppings
  • Tree sap stains
  • Smog damage


  • Heavy Duty 300D Oxford Polyester Fabric
  • Waterproof, UV stable and breathable material for maximum protection
  • 3 zip openings allow easy access.
  • Protects against harsh climate condition
  • Elasticated Hem
  • Straps and buckles
  • Tough interlocking seams
  • Free Storage Bag
  • Colour: Light Grey

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