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Aussie Standard Campervan Cover

Aussie Standard Campervan Covers are 100% rock solid, these fantastic caravan and camper covers are widely considered one of the best covers on the market and are specifically manufactured for the harsh Australian climate.

The 600D Marine fabric used to make these quality caravan covers will help protect your caravan from rain, hail, dust, sun damage, snow and scratches. Using an Aussie Caravan Covers will extend the life of your caravan significantly, when not in use.

The Aussie Caravan Cover has a number of unique features that makes it one of the best on the Australian marketplace which are as follows.

  • 600D Marine Grade Material- As far as we know this is the highest marine grade material used by any caravan cover available in Australia, this makes it extremely durable, strong and long lasting,
  • Non Abrasive Coating- Its weather resistant top and side walls have a non abrasive coating, so it won't scratch your paint.
  • High Water Resistance- Fabric coating technology and heavy-duty marine grade fabric for max water resistance
  • Mold & Mildew Resistant- Prevents mold and mildew by being made with a breathable fabric, this also reduces the chance of the caravan cover breaking down over time.
  • UV Stabilized- the fabric is UV stabilized and specifically designed so it will withstand the harsh Australian sun.
  • Elastic Hem & Straps- This feature is always something I look for on a quality caravan cover, makes fitting you cover very simple on the front and back, it also helps with custom fitting.
  • Storage Bag & Fitting Manual- Each caravan cover includes a storage bag which makes it nice and easy to store when you're on the road and the fitting manual keeps you on the right track when first installing your new caravan cover.
  • 36 Month Manufacturers WarrantyAll Aussie Standard Caravan Covers come with a unrivaled 36 month manufacturer's warranty for complete peace of mind (Conditions apply).

Many of these features are not available from most other caravan cover brands particularly the 600D Marine grade material and the unmatched 36 month warranty this is why we are happy to recommend this great caravan cover. We want to offer you only the very best caravan and camper covers possible and with this extremely high quality Aussie Standard Caravan Cover you can't go wrong.

Free Gift- With every purchase with us we give you our 101 caravanning recipes ebook as a thank you for choosing Caravan Cover Direct.

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Strong Marine Fabric lasts long against UV

  • Waterproof on both TOP and Sides
  • Mold and Mildew Resistant.
  • Non abrasive coating
  • Fabric coating tech and heavy-duty fabric for max water resistance
  • Elastic hem help for custom fittings · Storage bag and fitting manual included
· Vents for moisture breathing.

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