How to install your caravan cover

How to install your caravan cover

There are usually Six steps I take when covering my caravan and I’ll describe the steps below,

Step 1.

The very first thing you should probably do before installing your caravan cover is give the caravan itself a really good wash as if you've been on the road for a bit it will be a little grubby, this helps in two ways, when it’s clean it makes it easier to fit the caravan cover and secondly there is less chance of mould and mildew build up for the existing dirt that would of been built up if you hadn't cleaned it.

Step 2.

Make shaw the caravan is completely dry before attempting to install the caravan cover, i usually just leave it out in the sun for a few hours and then get to it but obviously you could try and wipe it down but if you do it this way make sure it is full dry otherwise it will be very difficult to put the caravan cover on correctly.

Step 3

It’ time to prep your caravan before you put the caravan cover on, most caravans obtrusive items such as tv aerials, air conditioners and vents be sure to wrap these things up in old carpet or sheets so that they don't get tangled when you're trying to pull the caravan cover over the top of the caravan, this is also the time to put the corner padding on to the caravan if they have been included in with your new caravan cover.

Step 4.

Unfold the caravan cover making sure the exterior side of the cover is facing the ground, be sure that no debris gets in the cover while your unfolding the caravan covers because it may scratch your caravan as you pull it over. Make sure the “front” end of the cover is facing the front of the caravan as you will be pulling the back over the to top fit it.

Step 5.

This usually takes two people, take the back of the van cover and pull it over the top of the caravan making sure there is no debris in the caravan cover, to assist in bring the cover over the top of the caravan you may want to use a couple of tent poles to give that little bit of height that is required to get the cover over the roof of the caravan without stretching too much.

Once the caravan cover is completely over the top of the caravan make sure it is pulled down evenly around the caravan itself, this is where having elasticated hems comes in handy as it makes the caravan cover fit much more snugly.

Step 6.

Using the straps provided secure the caravan cover under the caravan so that the wind wont get under it and flap around, some caravan covers provide ropes to give the front and back of the van a more secure fit so if your cover has them be sure to tighten them also, once this has been done you're good to go.

If you have any further questions or in the market for a quality caravan cover visit our website we have Australia's largest range of caravan covers online.

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Types Of Caravan Covers

Types of Caravan Covers

As you can imagine there are many different types, sizes and materials for caravan covers and it can be hard to know which caravan cover to buy online. so I will attempt to explain the different types and their benefits there are four main types and they are as follows;

Caravan Covers

These come in various sizes and materials the smallest size is usually around the 12-14ft mark with the largest about 29ft, the quality of the materials use in caravan covers varies greatly the ones we recommend are covers with 300D- 400D Marine Grade Material or Polycanvas Material.

Both these materials are very strong, long lasting and resistant to the UV in the harsh Australian sun and are generally considered the best material to use when manufacturing caravan covers.

Other things that different types have is zippers and non zipper covers, some covers just go straight over the caravan but don't allow any access to the van without taking the whole thing off again so we always recommend getting a caravan cover that has zippers that can be unzipped at the door and other parts of the caravan to get access nothing worse than having to take it on and off all the time when your not on the road.

The next main type is caravan covers that have elasticated hems and straps and the ones that only have straps to fasten the cover, we prefer to have caravan covers with the elasticated hems as it just makes it so much easier to install the cover particularly when you are trying to do it alone. Quality nylon straps are also what you should look for in a quality caravan cover as they are generally longer lasting and will secure your caravan in even the worst conditions.

Pop Top Caravan Covers

Pop top caravan covers are very similar to the standard caravan covers as far as the materials 300D- 400D Marine Grade Material or Polycanvas Materials and the and features such as zippers and non zipper covers and elasticated hems and straps provided the main difference is that they are usually a little smaller with the biggest size generally around 20’-22’ and the height of the caravan cover is higher/taller by 30-60 cm to allow for the pop top.

Camper Covers

Camper covers are generally much smaller than standard caravan covers usually around 10’-12’ to 14’-16’ but can sometimes find larger ones and the hight of the cover is much small as it’s not a full size caravan cover,  we always recommend are camper covers with 300D- 400D Marine Grade Material or Polycanvas Material as both these materials are very strong, long lasting and resistant to the UV and this again is considered the best material to use when manufacturing camper covers for the harsh Australian weather conditions.

As mentioned before for the standard caravan cover and pop top cover it is very important to have the zippers, straps and elasticated hems for maximum usability.   

Custom Caravan Covers

If you are looking for a higher quality Caravan Cover, RV cover and/or 5th wheeler you can find some quality manufacturers right here in Australia we work with one of the best most experienced in the country and all there products are 100% Australian made which we feel is fantastic. If you are in the market for a custom caravan cover get in touch and we can give you more information on these great covers.

If you would like any more infomation on any of these different types of caravan covers just vist we are more than happy to help.

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