Shore Series Caravan Cover Reviews

Shore Series Caravan Cover

Not all caravan covers are made to withstand the harsh conditions of Australia. Some caravan cover may endure the tropical sun of Australia but not the frigid snow in some parts of the country. Others shrinks over time, and some stretched when exposed under the heat of the sun for a long time.

The Shore Series Caravan Cover meets all the criteria that a camping enthusiast could ever dream of. Made from authentic 4 ply non-woven polypropylene, this heavy duty caravan cover can definitely repel and resist water. It allows moisture to escape quickly thus preventing moulds and mildew from building up over time. This heavy duty fabric gives a solid protection and is built to last longer than any other materials in its class.

The entire material of the Shore Series Caravan Cover has a slick outer layer which protects the cover from dust, dirt and small debris. The outer layer’s slick surface allows elements to simply slide off while giving the camper a full UV protection. Aside from being a durable water resistant cover for your caravan, campers or UVs, below are some the many features that the Shore Series Caravan Cover can offer:

An elastic hem is also one of the many features of the Shore Series Caravan Cover. This feature allows owners to cover up their valuable holiday home with ease and allows the cover to fit in any caravan regardless of the design or make.

Super strong and durable nylon straps and buckles are found on this amazing cover. It provides extra protection and safely secures your portable home whatever the condition may be.

If you are planning to cover your caravan for some time but

wants easy access inside in case you need to go back inside, an innovative Zip Openings were installed at this cover. This feature is ideal for those who wants to leave their caravan covered but needs to have an easy access inside.

Just like any other products, caravan covers will eventually experience damages. But the Shore Series Caravan Cover has a Tough Interlocking Seams which provides extra strength and prevents seams from pulling apart.

A free storage bag comes with this great product allowing you to store your caravan cover in a safe place when you are using your camper for a longer time.

The Shore Series Caravan Covers also comes with a 12 Month Warranty giving you a peace of mind when buying this amazing product.

Did we forget to mention that despite the unique features that this amazing caravan cover will give you and your valuable portable holiday home, the Shore Series Caravan Cover is priced reasonably without sacrificing the quality? This caravan cover has all the features and qualities of an expensive caravan cover but is more affordable, making it right for your budget.

The next time you think of getting yourself a durable yet inexpensive caravan cover, get yourself the ever dependable Shore Series caravan Cover.

Shore Series Caravan Cover built to protect your holiday home for the longest time.

Byron Caravan Cover Review

Byron Caravan Cover

A lot of caravan covers nowadays showcase a lot of their features and how it benefits the owner of these covers. However, the Byron Caravan Cover features a 4 layered composite material making it one of the only caravan covers with this type of feature. This feature offers extra basic strength to the cover without having to lose one vital feature, its breathable feature, considered very important as this prevents moist, mildew and molds from building up over time. It also has the ability to repel UV rays and fully waterproofed to really protect your caravan, RVs or camper. It also has a zipper system on the sides allowing the owners to gain access when going in or when going out of their van even with the cover on. But what makes this excellent product differs from the rest of the covers of its kind? It is built to last longer but is priced reasonably especially for those who wants a durable cover but do not have a bigger budget. So if you are hunting for that really affordable caravan cover, the Byron Caravan Cover is the right cover for you.

To further protect your valuable portable holiday home, the Byron Caravan Cover has the following features designed to give you that durability and comfort:

It is made from 170G/M2 heavy duty non-woven polypropylene material which can withstand the harsh environment of Australia for a longer time.

An elastic hem is present on this cover for that great fit when you put it up on your caravan, and what makes it even better, it is so easy to install.

Rope tabs with special plastic eyelets are placed in order to let the owner fasten the cover securely.

Velcro straps are also present to allow the owner to install or secure the cover over the motorhome easily.

The material that comprise this unique product allows moisture to escape fast and efficiently prevents mildew or molds from building up over time which can damage the bodyworks of your caravan.

Plastic click fasteners have been added to tightly secure the cover over the caravan. This cover is also equipped with a 3 zippers system allowing you to gain access inside and when going out of the van even when it is fully covered.

This product comes with a handy storage bag which can easily store the cover when not in use. This bag, just like the cover, protects the products from the elements.

To give you that peace of mind, the Byron Caravan Cover is protected with a 12 month warranty.

Having the right caravan cover to protect your valuable motorhome is the right thing to do. It helps maintain the beauty of your portable home and when the time comes that you need to sell it or simply upgrade, you can be sure, your caravan’s price is almost brand new.

The next time you want a durable yet reasonably priced caravan cover, look for the leader in caravan covers, the Byron Caravan Covers.

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Yellowstone Caravan Cover with Zipper Review

Yellow Stone Caravan Cover with Zipper


Caravan covers are designed in such a way that your valuable investment gets protected from all the elements that could tarnish or damage it. Some of these covers are durable but are quite difficult to put up, making some owners to just let their caravans get exposed to these harsh elements, as covering their motorhomes can be time consuming. The makers of the amazing Yellow Stone Caravan Cover, innovatively created a caravan cover that is not just durable but is also easy to use. Some of this caravan cover’s many features include an elastic hems located around the front and rear of the cover. It also comes with adjustable straps and quick-release/fitting clips that let you cover your caravan or camper easily.

Moreover, the Yellow Stone Caravan Cover with Zipper is designed with 2 zippers which are expertly fitted on the side of the cover which makes it easy for the owner to gain access to the interior of the caravan even with the cover on. This type of cover also allows the owner of the cover to wrap his caravan in any way around depending on the vehicle’s door. The material used for this cover is made from high grade polypropylene microfibres considered as a very durable material for such product. It is also waterproofed yet allows air to circulate, moisture to escape rapidly and also prevents heat from building up. Velcro straps are also installed on this cover allowing you to securely roll up the sides of this excellent caravan cover.

Yellow Stone Caravan Cover without Zipper

No Zipper

Just like the rest of the Yellow Stone Caravan Cover of the same type, this product also has elastic hems around the front and back of the cover which can be fitted to all types of caravans or campers easily. It also has an adjustable strap with quick-release/fitting clips that lets you cover your portable holiday home at no time at all.

Unlike the Yellow Stone Caravan Cover with Zipper, this type is basically intended for campers who want to protect their caravans but will not go back inside for quite some time. Polypropylene microfibres also made up this product giving your vehicle adequate air ventilation and prevent heat from building up. The Yellow Stone Caravan Cover without Zipper is also equipped with outer super-reflective coating which efficiently protect your caravan from all types of harsh elements present in our environment.

Depending on the manner of how you use your caravan, how frequent you go on a trip, the Yellow Stone Caravan Cover is the best product for you. So the next time you consider getting the right caravan cover, think of a product that will provide the ultimate protection for your valuable investment, so when the time comes when you decide to let go of your portable holiday home or simply want to upgrade, the price is almost brand new. The Yellow Stone Caravan Cover made to fit for your motorhome.

Our products are readily available in Australia and can be shipped through Australia-Post registered delivery.

Prestige Motorhome Cover Review

Prestige Motorhome Covers Review

For a lot of people who love the great outdoors, owning a recreational vehicle or RV is a dream come true. You save a lot of your hard earned money to get yourself that motorhome you always dreamed of. Taking care of your investment with a reliable and dependable motorhome covers is but the best thing, as a matter of fact, it is the only thing to do in order to protect your portable home.

The Prestige Motorhome Cover is indisputably the best name when it comes to RV covers in the market today. This motorhome cover is skillfully manufactured using only the best materials guaranteed to protect your portable holiday home. It comes with a triple layer of breathable UV stabilised, waterproof fabric capable of covering caravan’s entire roof area. Its side panels are expertly crafted using a water-resistant polypropylene which allows moisture to escape easily thus preventing it from shrinking or from stretching. The material’s natural ability to let moisture quickly evaporate prevents heat from building up between the cover and the vehicle which can damage your motorhome.

Its A Class Motorhome Cover as with its other models is made from lightweight materials making it easy even for first time owners to fit the cover over their RV, preventing it from scratching the paint of the vehicle. It can also fit caravans of any size, dimensions and models. An elasticised hem with reinforced material around the base is also an added feature of the Prestige Motorhome Cover, this feature helps avoid any damages that may be caused by sharp or protruding edges. To ensure that your motorhome is protected for the longest time, this superior RV cover has its corners reinforced and seams have double stitch. Three front and rear dual clip nylon straps secure this motorhome cover giving you peace of mind.

The maker of the Prestige Motorhome Covers guarantees that your portable home is safe not only from the various elements but from the cover itself. To prevent the cover from scratching the bodyworks of the

vehicle, a soft non-abrasive fabric have been used. Its material is also mildew and rot resistant. As an added feature, the Prestige Motorhome Cover’s side panels can be converted into a handy sun awning.

Depending on the type of your recreational vehicle, camper or caravan, the Prestige Motorhome Cover has the right model for your valuable investment. One of which is the C Class Motorhome Cover, which just like any other models can aptly protect your portable holiday home from water, snow, dust, bird droppings and tree saps keeping your vehicle in class a shape. And when the time comes that you need to upgrade and/or sell your recreational vehicle, you won’t have to sell it at a much lower price.

The next time you shop for that dependable caravan cover, always think of the brand that can provide that protection 24/7 even for the longest time. Think of Prestige Motorhome Covers, your best option for your portable holiday home.

Check them out here,

A Class Motorhome Covers-

C Class Motorhome Covers-





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Samson Caravan Covers Review

Samson Caravan Covers Review

The Australian weather leaves a lot to be desired, and caravan owners know too well the impact of unfavorable weather especially when they are on a trip or holiday.

However, things change when you are no longer on holiday, especially when you have to park your caravan for a longer time. Good thing if you have a garage large enough for your caravan to fit in. But if you do not have a garage, which a lot of us do not have, the country’s harsh weather will do its worst to your portable holiday home, not to mention, the various elements, 24/7.

So how do you protect your caravan from the scorching heat of the sun, snow, dust, acid rain, tree’s sap and bird droppings? While cleaning your caravan often can help, getting a durable caravan cover which can give your caravan fantastic protection against these elements is the best option.

One of the best caravan covers in the market today, Samson Caravan Covers, guarantees to protect your caravan 24/7 from all the elements you can throw at it. This cover provides unrivalled protection to your portable holiday home all year round and in various climates.

Makers of Samson Caravan Covers guarantee that their product not only gives the highest protection but also provide a lot of features to make this product as customizable as possible, allowing it to match different dimensions and designs of Australian caravans and campers.

What makes Samson Caravan Covers the ideal choice of caravan owners in the country today? For starter, this fantastic caravan cover is made of heavy duty non-woven triple layer polypropylene, making it waterproof but allows moisture to escape from

underneath, unlike most products then that are made from plastic which not only trap moisture beneath, it also damage the bodywork and windows of your caravan or campers when fitting and removing it. This material also prevents staining and discolouration of paintwork.

The Samson Caravan Covers also has the following features which makes it one of the best caravan covers in the market today. A Triple Zip System allowing occupants or campers easier access. It has front and rear tension panels for enhanced fit. A Velcro Style Hook and Loop Systems have been placed on the inside and outside of the covers. Since caravans come in various designs and heights, the Samson Caravan Covers is manufactured to fit all dimensions with its Adjustable Height System. The materials of this caravan cover guarantees owners of portable homes that their caravans will be protected from UV Rays, Acid Rains, Wind and various elements that can damage the caravans. It also has Elasticized Hem for customised fit, an underbody mounting straps and clips, and most especially the Samson Caravan Covers comes with a fashionable carry/storage bag.

The Samson Caravan Covers is a great investment to keep your portable holiday home in great condition not only from the Australian weather but also from various elements. Yes, there are a lot of cheaper brands in the market today, but the protection it provides may not be at par with what you expect from a durable caravan cover.

Check the Samson range out here,

Caravan Covers-

Camper Covers-

Prestige Caravan Cover Review

We inspected this caravan cover and found that the triple layered fabric is supremely useful and very effective. I had come across plenty of other products in the market, and read many caravan cover reviews, which ‘claimed’ to cover up the vehicles well enough. Nevertheless, I was not convinced. I thought that a good product would not be simply ‘claiming’ rather, it should actually perform its job of protecting the vehicles in a proper way. Consequently, I went through the entire rigmarole of looking through a lot options. Then I came across this highly recommended Prestige Caravan Cover among other caravan covers online.

The Eye-Catchy Specifications:

A proper caravan cover would have UV stabilised fabric and this would be necessary since the caravan would be standing in the sun, for long hours, in my case. This is why I decided and laid the priority right in perspective. Similarly, I wanted the fabric to be waterproof too so that it does not get soaked when it rained. Thankfully, someone suggested Prestige Caravan Cover that fulfilled these two major criteria that I was looking for.

The cover is 11’ which is sufficient for my vehicle and on inspection, I found that the cover is, triple layered and waterproof too. However, it was also available in different other sizes from 11’ to 13’. So, where it was thoroughly UV stabilised, it was also waterproof and added to that, it was perfectly light.

This cover was supposed to be used by my dad and grandad, which meant that they would need something that would be easily used for covering the vehicle in sun. I detested the idea of standing in the scorching sun and draping the caravan, especially if the covers are heavy in weight. But here the fabric is light and just right for easy use, and daily use.

More on the specifications that I loved:

I am one of those people who cannot spend a lot of time in covering up the caravan. This could be the reason, I chose the cover that has zips on three sides, so all one has to do is throw the cover from one side, and start zippering and securing the hemline with straps. I found that the cover has provisions keeping the protruding fittings and parts of caravan in mind. Therefore, you would not be damaging the cover or the vehicle in this process of covering up.

Next thing that I liked is the presence of double stitched hemline with elastics that would stretch but not too firmly. The side panels for the windows are made of polypropylene material, and hence, is waterproof. One very important thing that I wish to state is the product is ideal to defend the caravan from heat, and does not allow the heat to accumulate in-between the sheet and the caravan.

 The Prestige Caravan Cover, I have to state this is a great caravan covert that I high recommend and will instrumental in giving a longer life to your caravan.





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We highly recommend our BGD caravan cover and Aussie Standard caravan and camper ranges, they are widely considered the best caravan covers on the market and are stacked full of features that other cheaper caravan cover brands just don't offer.

BGD covers come with a 24 month warranty and the Aussie Standard Caravan and Camper covers come with a 36 month warranty so you can rest assured they are high quality covers and the long warranties provide peace of mind when purchasing your new caravan or camper cover. DISCOUNT CODE: 20off

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Caravan Cover Buyers Guide and Checklist

We are always asked how do I choose a quality caravan cover for the harsh Australian conditions. The answer always varies as it depends on a number of factors, where you park the caravan, how long it remains covered and where you live in this great country of ours. So have developed this caravan cover buying guide and checklist to help you make an informed decision when purchasing your next caravan or camper cover.

Below you'll find a 10 point guide and checklist of what we look for in a quality caravan cover;

  1. Water Resistant- It must be water resistant this prevents rust, water damage and general ware.
  2. Breathable- We always look for this feature in all our caravan cover it prevents Rot, Mold & Mildew from setting into the caravan cover and increases the longevity of the caravan cover
  3. Strong Elasticated Hems- This feature is great and in our opinion a must have, makes fitting you cover a breeze particularly if your caravan is an unusual shape and assists with custom fitting.
  4. Polycanvas Material or 300-400D Marine Grade Material- Resists Rot & Mildew, is also extremely strong, durable and long lasting and is widely considered the best material for caravan covers.
  5. Double Stitched Seams- Strong double stitched seam is one of the main keys to a long lasting caravan cover and you should alway be on the look out for this feature, double stitched seams are not included in most other competitors caravan covers which sets a good cover apart from a fantastic caravan covers.
  6. Strong Nylon Straps & Buckles- When a caravan cover has nylon straps and buckles over stock standard plastic that tends to become brittle over time makes them very strong, waterproof and long lasting, able to handle whatever conditions are throw at it over time.
  7. 3 Zipper Openings- This is something we always look for and is one of our favorite features because you don't need to pull the whole cover off every time you want to access the the caravan, you can just unzip the section of the caravan you want access to for example the door of the van and you're good to go.
  8. Silver Coated- If your caravan cover has the silver coating it provides extra strength and very effectively reflects the powerful UV rays in the Australian sun.
  9. Soft Cotton Lining- Another great feature you should look for in quality caravan covers is cotton lining, soft and non abrasive this prevents any scratches or damage to the van, The cotton lining also makes these caravan covers stronger, that tends make them last longer than regular caravan covers.
  10. 12 Month Manufacturer's Warranty- Every caravan cover you select should have at least a 12 month manufacturer's warranty for your peace of mind when making your purchase.

Hope this gives you a better understanding of what features a quality caravan cover should have included and this will no doubt give you more confidence making you next purchase. 

If you have any questions our team at are always available so feel free to contact us and we will endevor to answer all your questions.

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5% Discount Code

Hi All

We are offering a 5% discount across all stock for the next 24 hours, to claim the discount on your purchase enter the coupon code: Fiveoff at the checkout

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Why Buy Caravan Covers Online?


The first reason you should consider buying caravan covers online is the convenience of it, you can shop til you drop for the comfort of your home no need to drive around busy shopping centres looking for a park, I mean who needs the aggravation our live are stressful enough. Buying a caravan covers online you can just search for exactly the size and brand of caravan cover your after and bam it’s all up on the screen, even if you don't know exactly what you're after you have plenty of choice right at your finger tips.


Another great thing about buying a caravan cover online is the choice and the amount of different options and brand that can be found quickly and easily, we at caravan covers direct have the largest range of caravan covers in Australia by far if you drove around all day to brick and mortor shops you still wouldn't find the huge range we stock as most shops are locked into one brand or supplier of caravan cover but being by selling our caravan covers online only allows us to stock a huge variety ultimately benefiting you the customers.


When shopping with us at only Caravan Covers Direct you can rest assure our online payment platform is the most secure available we have a three tiered security payment gateway that is backed by Mcfee, Paypal and Eway all of which are the leaders in the online security and payment gateway field.

Price and Savings

The biggest advantage of buying your next caravan cover online is that being an online only business Caravan Covers Direct can pass on huge savings to you as customers as we do not have the usual expense as a brick and mortar business, our running costs are much lower not having to pay rent and sales employees allows us to offer a pricing strategy that usually can't be beaten. 

Caravan Covers Direct's Customer Service

We provide unrivaled customer service, our business is built on this and this is our number one priority as we understand that a good shopping experience on your end leads to more referrals and customers on our end it's a win win situation which is always what were looking to achieve. We have the largest selection of caravan covers online as well as the most competitive price available.

Go Shopping for a Quality Caravan Cover Online Now

We recommend our BGD Premium Caravan Cover and Aussie Caravan Covers, they are both widely know as the best caravan covers on the market, so check them out on our website and enjoy a easy, relaxing and secure shopping experience and buy your next caravan cover online today. 

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