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Aussie Caravan and Camper Cover Reviews

These are great caravan covers and we highly recommend them, the best thing in our opinion is the 400D Marine grade fabric. A lot of caravan covers use 300D marine Grade material which is fine but Aussie Caravan Covers just take it the next level by using the highest grade for their caravan covers it is stronger, longer lasting and most importantly for us Aussies very UV resistant. As far as we know Aussie Caravan Covers are the only company in Australia using this 400D marine grade material as most steer clear as cost saving measure. The material is also UV stabilised, what this means it can stand up to the harsh Australian sun without breaking down like cheaper caravan covers will.

The next thing that is worth mentioning is the non abrasive coating that the interior of the caravan cover is coated in it helps in the prevention of marks and scratches which is particularly beneficial when you're fitting the cover. All Aussie Caravan covers include a extra strong elasticated hem which again helps when fitting and make for a very snug fit, along with durable nylon straps to secure the caravan cover and prevents it from flapping around in the wind.

Last but certainly not least all Aussie caravan covers, pop top caravan covers and camper covers come with an unmatched anywhere in Australia warranty, a fantastic 36 months warranty, most caravan cover manufacturers offer a 12-24 month warranty which is great but by offering this kind of guarantee they are really backing their caravan covers and in our opinion makes easy to purchase a Aussie Caravan Cover with confidence. Follow the link below to check them out

Yellowstone Caravan Cover with Zipper Review

Yellow Stone Caravan Cover with Zipper


Caravan covers are designed in such a way that your valuable investment gets protected from all the elements that could tarnish or damage it. Some of these covers are durable but are quite difficult to put up, making some owners to just let their caravans get exposed to these harsh elements, as covering their motorhomes can be time consuming. The makers of the amazing Yellow Stone Caravan Cover, innovatively created a caravan cover that is not just durable but is also easy to use. Some of this caravan cover’s many features include an elastic hems located around the front and rear of the cover. It also comes with adjustable straps and quick-release/fitting clips that let you cover your caravan or camper easily.

Moreover, the Yellow Stone Caravan Cover with Zipper is designed with 2 zippers which are expertly fitted on the side of the cover which makes it easy for the owner to gain access to the interior of the caravan even with the cover on. This type of cover also allows the owner of the cover to wrap his caravan in any way around depending on the vehicle’s door. The material used for this cover is made from high grade polypropylene microfibres considered as a very durable material for such product. It is also waterproofed yet allows air to circulate, moisture to escape rapidly and also prevents heat from building up. Velcro straps are also installed on this cover allowing you to securely roll up the sides of this excellent caravan cover.

Yellow Stone Caravan Cover without Zipper

No Zipper

Just like the rest of the Yellow Stone Caravan Cover of the same type, this product also has elastic hems around the front and back of the cover which can be fitted to all types of caravans or campers easily. It also has an adjustable strap with quick-release/fitting clips that lets you cover your portable holiday home at no time at all.

Unlike the Yellow Stone Caravan Cover with Zipper, this type is basically intended for campers who want to protect their caravans but will not go back inside for quite some time. Polypropylene microfibres also made up this product giving your vehicle adequate air ventilation and prevent heat from building up. The Yellow Stone Caravan Cover without Zipper is also equipped with outer super-reflective coating which efficiently protect your caravan from all types of harsh elements present in our environment.

Depending on the manner of how you use your caravan, how frequent you go on a trip, the Yellow Stone Caravan Cover is the best product for you. So the next time you consider getting the right caravan cover, think of a product that will provide the ultimate protection for your valuable investment, so when the time comes when you decide to let go of your portable holiday home or simply want to upgrade, the price is almost brand new. The Yellow Stone Caravan Cover made to fit for your motorhome.

Our products are readily available in Australia and can be shipped through Australia-Post registered delivery.

Samson Caravan Covers Review

Samson Caravan Covers Review

The Australian weather leaves a lot to be desired, and caravan owners know too well the impact of unfavorable weather especially when they are on a trip or holiday.

However, things change when you are no longer on holiday, especially when you have to park your caravan for a longer time. Good thing if you have a garage large enough for your caravan to fit in. But if you do not have a garage, which a lot of us do not have, the country’s harsh weather will do its worst to your portable holiday home, not to mention, the various elements, 24/7.

So how do you protect your caravan from the scorching heat of the sun, snow, dust, acid rain, tree’s sap and bird droppings? While cleaning your caravan often can help, getting a durable caravan cover which can give your caravan fantastic protection against these elements is the best option.

One of the best caravan covers in the market today, Samson Caravan Covers, guarantees to protect your caravan 24/7 from all the elements you can throw at it. This cover provides unrivalled protection to your portable holiday home all year round and in various climates.

Makers of Samson Caravan Covers guarantee that their product not only gives the highest protection but also provide a lot of features to make this product as customizable as possible, allowing it to match different dimensions and designs of Australian caravans and campers.

What makes Samson Caravan Covers the ideal choice of caravan owners in the country today? For starter, this fantastic caravan cover is made of heavy duty non-woven triple layer polypropylene, making it waterproof but allows moisture to escape from

underneath, unlike most products then that are made from plastic which not only trap moisture beneath, it also damage the bodywork and windows of your caravan or campers when fitting and removing it. This material also prevents staining and discolouration of paintwork.

The Samson Caravan Covers also has the following features which makes it one of the best caravan covers in the market today. A Triple Zip System allowing occupants or campers easier access. It has front and rear tension panels for enhanced fit. A Velcro Style Hook and Loop Systems have been placed on the inside and outside of the covers. Since caravans come in various designs and heights, the Samson Caravan Covers is manufactured to fit all dimensions with its Adjustable Height System. The materials of this caravan cover guarantees owners of portable homes that their caravans will be protected from UV Rays, Acid Rains, Wind and various elements that can damage the caravans. It also has Elasticized Hem for customised fit, an underbody mounting straps and clips, and most especially the Samson Caravan Covers comes with a fashionable carry/storage bag.

The Samson Caravan Covers is a great investment to keep your portable holiday home in great condition not only from the Australian weather but also from various elements. Yes, there are a lot of cheaper brands in the market today, but the protection it provides may not be at par with what you expect from a durable caravan cover.

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