Riese Caravan Covers Review

The Riese Caravan Cover is a  fantastic cover for those on a budget they are affordable but also great quality and have many of the features some of the more expensive caravan covers include.

The first thing to mention is the 300D Oxford Polyester high grade marine fabric that is sewn together with tough interlocking seams, it is very strong, durable and is UV treated which is particularly important for Australia’s harsh weather conditions. The next thing of note is the very convenient 3 zipper opening sections that allow access to your caravan when you're not on the road, I always look for this feature when I’m researching a caravan cover because it can be so annoying when you have to take the cover on and off every time you need access to the caravan.

Other great features of the Riese Caravan Cover is the elasticated hem around the bottom of the caravan cover this helps when fitting it and also provides a tight snug fit to your caravan. Having the elasticated hems also assists fitting the durable nylon straps that are included with this caravan cover because the caravan cover is already “hugging” the caravan it makes easier to connect the straps under the caravan and tie it all in. This caravan cover also comes with a nice storage bag to keep the caravan cover in good nick when not in use.

The last thing that is worth mentioning about this fantastic Riese Caravan Cover is the 2 year warranty, this give you great peace of mind when purchasing and make the decision to move forward with this great caravan cover.

So if you're on a budget but you don’t want the stock standard “auto shop” caravan cover you can’t go wrong with this great Riese Caravan Cover.

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Aussie Caravan and Camper Cover Reviews

These are great caravan covers and we highly recommend them, the best thing in our opinion is the 400D Marine grade fabric. A lot of caravan covers use 300D marine Grade material which is fine but Aussie Caravan Covers just take it the next level by using the highest grade for their caravan covers it is stronger, longer lasting and most importantly for us Aussies very UV resistant. As far as we know Aussie Caravan Covers are the only company in Australia using this 400D marine grade material as most steer clear as cost saving measure. The material is also UV stabilised, what this means it can stand up to the harsh Australian sun without breaking down like cheaper caravan covers will.

The next thing that is worth mentioning is the non abrasive coating that the interior of the caravan cover is coated in it helps in the prevention of marks and scratches which is particularly beneficial when you're fitting the cover. All Aussie Caravan covers include a extra strong elasticated hem which again helps when fitting and make for a very snug fit, along with durable nylon straps to secure the caravan cover and prevents it from flapping around in the wind.

Last but certainly not least all Aussie caravan covers, pop top caravan covers and camper covers come with an unmatched anywhere in Australia warranty, a fantastic 36 months warranty, most caravan cover manufacturers offer a 12-24 month warranty which is great but by offering this kind of guarantee they are really backing their caravan covers and in our opinion makes easy to purchase a Aussie Caravan Cover with confidence. Follow the link below to check them out

Best Motorhome Covers

Best Motorhome Covers

Recreational vehicles or RVs have given outdoor enthusiasts a lot of reasons to spend more time with family and friends. Motorhomes provide all the comfort of home even when you are outside relaxing and sitting beside a campfire with love ones. Having a motorhome however requires an individual to take good care of it as this will be his home away from home. Keeping its motor and its paintworks in tip top shape just like any other vehicle is a must. Unless you have a big garage for your motorhome, getting yourself the best RV covers in the market today is the most ideal thing to do unless you want your valuable mobile holiday home rusts, collect dirt and dusts, and get beaten by the harsh elements thrown at it.

A lot of Motorhome Covers Reviews provide first time RV owners the best RV covers in the market today. These covers are specifically designed to protect your RVs from Australia’s harsh weather and to all the elements that may damage your motorhome or trailer. However a reliable RV Cover Reviews shows one of the best motorhome covers in the country today, the Prestige Motorhome Cover C Class. This cover has a triple layer breathable UV stabilised, waterproof fabric designed to cover the entire roof area of your motorhome. It also designed with side panels made from water-resistant polypropylene which is a moisture resistant material, preventing the cover from shrinking and stretching. The fabric allows moisture to escape rapidly preventing heat to build up between the body of the van and cover. The Prestige Motorhome Cover’s fabric is made with superior material that it will not scratch nor dull the paintwork of your motorhome.

Some motorhome owners are adamant in purchasing a cover for their mobile home thinking it takes a lot of time to put up and much more to remove it. The Prestige Motorhome Cover, thanks to its superior material, is easy to install and removing it is just as easy. To prevent damages due to sharp or protruding edges, an elasticised hem with reinforced material around the base is also included in this cover. Its corners are strengthened

further and have double stitched seams giving you a more durable motorhome cover. To ensure that the cover is fully strapped and secured, the Prestige Motorhome Cover is equipped with front and rear dual clip nylo straps.

To boot, several Motorhome Covers Reviews also highlighted several features that makes this cover a must buy. The Prestige Motorhome Cover despite its strength and durability, is made from premium grade polypropylene material, it is UV stabilised giving your vehicle more protection from the harmful UV rays, lightweight materials making this easier to put up, and this cover has three side zippers for easy access to your motorhome even when it is covering your vehicle. Lastly, its side panels can also serve as a handy sun awning.

Surely, a lot of RV Cover Reviews will have their own choices, but as an outdoor enthusiasts and a happy owner of this product, I am just glad to have this bought this amazing product to protect my valuable investment.

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Best Camper Covers

Best Camper Covers

One of the many camper cover reviews that I have read feature several camper covers that could easily be the best campervan cover in the market today. One amazing product however caught my interest and checked all its features.

At first I really thought that this campervan cover is just being hyped and may not even live up to its name. But further researches on this product, it may even become one of the best camper trailer cover in the market today. For starters, this campervan cover’s fabric is made from 400D Marine Grade Material, an extremely durable material that may last longer than any other materials for camper covers in the market out there. Its top and side walls are made with totally non abrasive materials, thanks to its non abrasive coating, which prevents any scratches to the paint works of your camper. It is also UV stabilised specifically designed to endure the country’s harsh sun.

Just like any other camper covers, this great product protects your camper not only from the sun but also from the rain, sleet, snow, dust, tree saps, bird droppings and all the harsh elements you could think of.

What makes this product stands out if not the best campervan cover today is the fabric coating technology and heavy duty marine grade fabric which gives it the ability to withstand water yet allow moisture to escape rapidly, thus preventing any heat buildup between the van and the cover. Moreover, its breathable fabric can also prevent mildew and mould from building up, making this cover last longer than any other cover of its class and type in the market today. Protecting your camper should be your priority when buying a portable holiday home so when the time comes when you need to sell it or simply upgrade, the value of your camper will almost be like brand new.

When buying this product, it comes with a beautiful storage bag and fitting manual which you can use when you think of stowing away your cover and

protect it as well from insect and rodent bites, not to mention prevent it from cluttering. Lastly, a unique feature for this great product is the elasticised hem and straps which makes fitting a whole lot easier, and helps with custom fitting making this product ideal for almost all camper designs.

And yes, first time buyers will find this great product really amazing, it comes with a 36 month manufacturer’s warranty, of course conditions apply. This warranty is simply unmatched and although this product guarantees extreme protection for your valuable portable holiday home, still the 36 months warranty is something that will give you a totally peace of mind.

Some of these features are not readily available for most camper covers out there, and oh yes, the price, the Aussie Standard Campervan Covers 14’-15’ is really priced reasonably. So the next time you think of getting your camper the best campervan cover, think of Aussie Standard Campervan Covers, the best camper cover in the market today.




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Hose and Cable Bags

Hose and Cable Bags

Just like any other products, your caravan hose and cable needs to be stowed away when you are not using it. Not only will the bag prevent it from cluttering, bags provide protection for your hose and cable from insect or rodent bites. Hose and cable bags also reduce risk of rotting. Our hose and cable bags are made from premium grade materials which last longer as compared to other brands in the market today. It is also lightweight and allows you to store your cables and hoses easily. It also comes in various designs, colors and sizes suited for your hose and cable. It prevents the metal portion of your hose and cable from rust that may develop over time.

While we are bent on protecting our portable holiday homes, remember we must also protect the things, things we thought are not important until we need them.


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99 Caravanning Experiences ebook

99 Caravanning Experiences ebook

Australia offers thousands of places waiting to be explored, and if you are the type that loves the great outdoors, then caravanning or camping out may just be the thing for you. This worthwhile activity is not only relaxing but is also one of the easiest ways to spend holidays with your family and friends without having to leave the country.

It is no longer a wonder that camping and caravanning is fast becoming our country’s favorite past time, with thousands of camping gears, caravans, recreational vehicles and campers proliferating the Australian market today. And what a better way to compliment these gadgets, vehicles and camping gears, a reliable ebook that can really guide you, help you choose your ideal holiday while you are on your caravan or camper.

The 99 Caravanning Experiences eBook will take you on an exciting trip around Australia’s beautiful outdoors and explore towns, regions and historic places which we have forgotten or take for granted.

This amazing ebook will bring out the explorer in us all with all the vivid colors and amazing stories, beautiful illustrations and exciting views to choose from.

The 99 Caravanning Experiences eBook will take you the various parts of our beautiful country, going up north for some Aboriginal cultural experiences or you may want to go down south for some rolling hills adventure in South Australia, the vibrant beaches on the country’s east coast, and to Australia’s west for some wine tasting and mesmerize the breathtaking natural land formation, or simply going on a wonderful camping trip on the country’s wilderness, this awesome ebook will surely take you there.

There are actually a lot of caravanning experiences to choose from, and the 99 Caravanning Experiences eBook will surely help you choose what adventure is really suited for you and what to expect when you get there.

Camping using a tent, a camper trailer, a caravan or a motor home, the 99 Caravanning Experiences eBook will help you discover once again how beautiful it is to be communing with Mother Nature.

This ebook virtually covers the entire country and regardless what type of adventure you want, this amazing ebook has it. Expertly picked by experienced campers and nature lovers, this ebook will definitely be your bible when you plan of going on a camping trip with your friends, family and loved ones.

So before you even think of heading out camping using your reliable caravan, camper or Recreational vehicle, make sure you get yourself a copy of this great ebook and re-discover how beautiful our country is and the many adventures that it can offer. This amazing ebook is also ideal for foreigners or tourists who want to experience what our country can offer. First time campers will also find this ebook really useful in choosing what holiday is right for them.

The 99 Caravanning Experiences eBook your virtual guide for your ultimate holiday. Get yourself a copy now and start exploring Australia once again.

Check out the 99 Caravanning Experiences eBook your ultimate guide for your ultimate holiday getaway.

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101 caravanning recipes ebook

101 caravanning recipes ebook

Thousands of Australians who loves camping, going on a trip outdoors or simply chilling in the wilderness on a camper, an RV or a caravan are growing in numbers over the past years. A number of designs, makes and/or brands of caravans, mobile portable homes or campers have significantly proliferate the market today. And while a lot of owners of these portable holiday homes extensively invest on their vehicles, protecting them from the harsh elements, they however tend to forget one of the necessities they will need when they are going on a trip, food. Most of the time, campers resort to store brought foods, frozen foods or foods that are microwavable. Fast, yes. Healthy? Maybe, or maybe not.

And while buying Meals Ready to Eat or MREs is really a convenience on the part of the campers or getting junk foods on a convenient store is a breeze, having a real meal or real food even on a camping trip is still the best way to share the table with friends, families and love ones.

Our 101 Caravanning Recipes eBook offers campers easy to prepare food suited for people who enjoy the great outdoors. In these ebook, you will be treated with a lot of food recipes, show you how easy it is to prepare and cook a lot of sumptuous meals with basic ingredients. You may already have a cookbook at home, but the 101 Caravanning Recipes eBook is basically conceptualized to give campers a peace of mind when they are on the road. The recipes are thoroughly thought of, meaning you will more time to enjoy on your trip and not having to spend more time cooking. Moreover, foods are delicately chosen, foods that will not spoil easily, and foods that may even be prepared even when you are already at the comfort of your own home. Unless of course, you’d rather spend a lot of time cooking on your time than exploring the park or wilderness, getting a copy of the 101 Caravanning Recipes eBook is a must especially if you frequently go on a trip with your family or friends.

A step by step cooking instruction is also shown on these ebook so you will not miss out an ingredient and will give your family or loved ones the

best meal of their life while sharing the warmth of a camp fire. This ebook also offer tasty without being complicated foods, foods that do not take hours to prepare. Colorful food illustration can also be seen when you get yourself a copy of the 101 Caravanning Recipes eBook.

The next time you go on that long awaited trip, make sure your caravan or mobile holiday home is all prepared. Make sure you already have a copy of this fabulous caravanning recipes ebook, you will never know who might join you on your next trip. The 101 Caravanning Recipes eBook, the ideal ebook for people who wants to enjoy sumptuous foods without spending much time cooking them.

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Benefits of Using Caravan Cover

Benefits of Using Caravan Cover


Having a caravan or mobile home is always a dream come true especially for the thousands of Australians who enjoy the great outdoors. As this recreational vehicle costs a lot of money, protecting for it from the various elements is a must. While some of us can afford to have a garage for our portable holiday home, a lot may have to contend themselves with caravan covers.

Choosing the right and ideal caravan for your family may already be complicated considering the number of designs, sizes, colors and features proliferating the market today, Luckily getting the appropriate and durable caravan cover online is now a breeze. There are a lot of caravan covers for sale online and this is great news especially for those who do not have the time to scour the stores and rely on the internet for Caravan cover reviews when choosing the right cover for their mobile home.

Now that you have the idea of how to get your mobile home the right cover, what exactly are the benefits of using a caravan cover for your portable recreational home? Actually there are thousands of reasons why you need to get one but allow me to enumerate the main benefits of having a caravan cover

First, it gives protection from the harmful UV rays which will damage your caravan. Not only will the UV rays damage the paintwork of your vehicle, it can also cause substantial damages to your tyres.

Using a caravan cover will preserve the value of your portable home. When the time comes when you decide to sell it or want to upgrade, your caravan will still look and feel like it

just comes out from the warehouse. Caravan covers direct protection will not only shield your vehicle from the harsh elements, it prevents it from depreciating the van’s value.

Caravan covers greatly reduce the risk of rubber seals on window sills from rotting, if not totally removing it.

Although having a garage for your caravan will give you ultimate protection, a caravan cover will however provide protection to your caravan even when you are using it. When you are using your caravan on a camping trip, some caravan cover have a feature that will allow you to use the cover and at the same time gain access to your caravan.

The right caravan cover will prevent water from seeping, provides protection from water and will eliminates mildew, moulds and damp from building up. Caravan covers Australia’s favorite vehicle effectively especially to owners who cannot afford to build a garage.

Lastly, caravan covers protects your portable holiday homes from dust, rain, sleet, snow, tree saps and bird dropping giving you free time from cleaning the interior and exterior of the van.

Aside from the usual benefits from using caravan covers on your RVs, campers and caravans, having the right cover will greatly protect you valuable investment. Just make sure you are buying your caravan cover from reputable sellers, and check if your caravan cover has a warranty. Remember your caravan is your home away from home and protecting it is very vital.




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Prestige Camper Cover Review

Prestige Camper Cover

Caravan, camper or RV owners across the country all agree that in order to keep your portable holiday home in tip top shape, it must be protected from the harsh elements at all times. Having a big garage for these vehicles must be the most ideal way to keep your mobile home protected. However, not all owners of these valuable portable holiday homes can afford to have their own garage, and instead opted to purchase a camper cover.

However, the market is flooded with camper covers that choosing the right one is fast becoming laborious. Some owners may get the perfect fit for their campers but may not last longer. Still, other owners get a durable cover only to find out it is either difficult to use or does not fit their camper at all.

Now, owners of these campers can assure themselves of the right camper cover, the Prestige Camper Cover. This amazing product comes with a triple layer of breathable fabric which allows moisture to escape rapidly thus preventing moulds and mildew from building up over time. This feature also lets heat escape fast keeping the camper cool even with the cover on. The fabric that made this cover protects your camper from harmful UV rays and is 100% waterproof. Its side panels are made from genuine polypropylene material which repels water preventing it from shrinking or from stretching. It is also light and covering your camper has never been made easy with the Prestige Camper Cover. Not only does this product protect your camper from the rain, water, dust, dirt and what-have-you elements, it is so slick it will not scratch the paint on your camper. As the name suggests, this amazing camper cover is so prestigious it has the following features that will help you choose this cover.

It is made from lightweight yet very durable materials, which can last longer than any other covers in the market today.

Easy to fit to any campers

Highly reinforced skirting with elastic hem, making it easy to fit to any camper models.

UV stabilised for extra protection

Reinforced corners with double stitched seams

Prevents rots, mildew and moulds from developing over time.

The material of this cover is made from soft non-abrasive fabric which prevents it from scratching the paint, and has breathable side panels allowing moisture or heat from escaping fast

To secure your camper safely, two front and two back nylon straps are installed.

Surely, other products of the same class offer the same features and may even have the same quality. The Prestige Camper Cover however is not as expensive as compared to other covers. It is priced just right without having to sacrifice the quality and the comfort that all campers, caravans and RV owners want.

The next time you need the right camper cover to protect your valuable mobile holiday home, think of the right product, think Prestige Camper Cover. This is the right protection for your camper.



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Caravan Gas Bottle Cover Review

Caravan Gas Bottle Cover

Most caravan, camper or RV owners have gas bottles attached to their mobile homes. Covering them however may be an issue to some of these owners as most gas covers only hide the gas bottles but provides no extra protection.

To cleverly hide these unsightly gas bottles, our gas bottle covers comes in two parts and will allow any 4.5kg or 9kg gas bottle to fit in. Not only will our gas bottle cover hide your gas bottles, it also secures the very bar that your gas bottle sits in. Moreover, the top cover is removable allowing you access to the gas bottle’s regulators even when covered. Our gas bottle cover can tightly secure your gas bottle that it firmly stays even when you use it while travelling.

Tough is our gas bottle cover that even its bottom cover need not be removed unless of course you are taking out your gas bottle for a refill. The next time you need a durable yet lightweight gas bottle cover, check out our amazing gas bottle cover and see the big difference.

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